Tricia Bagley

Data Scientist


My professional mission is to help people find the actions in their data. It’s led me from an early career in broadcasting to roles in the marketing and data domains with activities including creating and coordinating marketing campaigns, mining quantitative and qualitative data for insights, and building data stores. My area of expertise is building and supporting the architecture of survey workflows using scientific method to make sure we know what we are measuring and are measuring it accurately, so that decisions can be made confidently with the collected data. Maximizing the potential of collaborations is the theme threaded throughout my body of work because let’s face it, we can’t find actions in the data without learning from stakeholders what is meaningful and necessary to achieve an organization’s goal. I have my Master of Science in Data Science with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and Marketing which offer opportunities to connect the moving parts of any project or the business areas within organizations. The most rewarding part of my work is the synergy that occurs when resources, insights from data, and human capital come together to meet strategic goals.