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This free online course is one of 10 courses available in the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women collection, designed for entrepreneurs ready to take their business to the next level. This course will introduce you to business finance, and show you how to use financial statements to understand and monitor your company’s financial position in order to make key business decisions. The exercises will introduce you to the Income Statement and Balance Sheet. Interpreting these statements and calculating key financial ratios such as net profit margin and current ratio will give you a clear understanding of your current business performance. With this information, you will have the skills to assess the financial implications of your growth opportunity more accurately. The 10,000 Women course collection offers a truly flexible online learning experience. You have the freedom to approach the program in any way that works for you – take any course, or combination of courses, to tailor your learning journey to your individual business growth needs. If you choose to take all 10 courses, you will explore all the key elements of your business and develop a thorough plan for your business’s growth. You can find out more about the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women collection in the FAQs....

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2020년 8월 15일

This course has helped me to take note of my spending as well as revenue. Also, how I can analyze my Income Statement and Balance Sheet in order to know what business decisions I can take.


2020년 11월 6일

I enjoyed taking this course, it was very easy to follow and I learnt a lot from it. The knowledge gained in this course has helped me build my current financial statements.

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