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Do you want to obtain all the necessary skills of a 3D modeler? Do you want to know how an engineer develop a building model in details? The “3D CAD Application” course, the second course of the new specialization, is coming! After finishing this course: You will be able to know how to use the SketchUp’s advanced functions by creating 3D building models. You will be able to develop a building as an engineer. Let’s start the learning journey!...

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2020년 6월 21일

Everything explained in this course was perfectly understandable. Moreover, course has designed in a manner that everyone can get most of it and learn easily. Thank you for the course.


2020년 8월 26일

It was a very helpful course and i have learned so much form this course. i like to thank coursera and National Taiwan University for providing me this opportunity of learning.

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