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Have you ever wanted to read Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet? This course will provide a guided reading of the script and expose you to the perspectives of actors who've performed in the play. It primarily consists of interviews with 14 professional actors who have participated in at least one production of Romeo & Juliet somewhere in the US, at theaters and Shakespeare festivals including the American Shakespeare Center, American Players Theatre, and the Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, New Jersey, and Utah Shakespeare Festivals. In completing this course, learners will be able to describe the plot of Romeo & Juliet, identify major characters and themes, analyze and interpret heightened text, and consider multiple theatrical approaches to the play. This course strives to be of interest to multiple audiences, but we think it may particularly appeal to... * Shakespeare enthusiasts and the Shakespeare curious in all walks of life * Actors, theater practitioners, and teachers of Shakespeare everywhere * Secondary school and college students interested in expanding their studies of Shakespeare * Interested readers with little or no familiarity with Shakespeare Logo image courtesy of
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