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In previous courses of our online specialization you've learned the basic algorithms, and now you are ready to step into the area of more complex problems and algorithms to solve them. Advanced algorithms build upon basic ones and use new ideas. We will start with networks flows which are used in more typical applications such as optimal matchings, finding disjoint paths and flight scheduling as well as more surprising ones like image segmentation in computer vision. We then proceed to linear programming with applications in optimizing budget allocation, portfolio optimization, finding the cheapest diet satisfying all requirements and many others. Next we discuss inherently hard problems for which no exact good solutions are known (and not likely to be found) and how to solve them in practice. We finish with a soft introduction to streaming algorithms that are heavily used in Big Data processing. Such algorithms are usually designed to be able to process huge datasets without being able even to store a dataset....

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2020년 10월 21일

It's was great to learn advanced algorithms and complexity. Besides, I learn new topics that can help me further learning. All the problems and the lectures were very good.


2018년 1월 3일

As usual, complex arguments explained in simple terms!

Some problems are really tough! (e.g. there's a problem from Google Code Jam).

Thank you for this course!

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