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In this course, you'll begin to push beyond simple SQL statements in MySQL to an advanced level in database engineering. By the end of this course, you'll be able to: - Use control statements and variables in different contexts in MySQL - Develop user defined functions and procedures - Optimize MySQL database queries - Demonstrate a working knowledge of common table expressions and the JSON data type - Understand how and when to use triggers and events - Utilize subqueries, JOINS, views and transactions to perform data analysis - and use database optimization techniques such as MySQL transactions You'll gain experience with the following advanced MySQL database skills: - MySQL user defined functions - Advanced MySQL stored procedures - MySQL optimization techniques including Indexes, Transactions, CTE and JSON - MySQL triggers and events - Database analytics in MySQL - Advanced SQL queries for data analysis with JOINS, views and subqueries Through this course you'll develop new skills, improve your productivity, learn to act effectively with data and boost your career prospects. To be successful in this course, you should have already completed the previous course, “Database Structures and Management with MySQL,” or have prior experience with the skills taught in that course....
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