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The theory of Agile is simple. However, it takes experience, knowledge, and expertise to scale it successfully. In this course, you will focus on leading change at an organizational level and scaling Agile appropriately. When studying Agile application success stories and theory, it's easy to think in terms of adopting "best practices." However, what's best for one industry, company, and most importantly, culture is not always the best for another. Not every aspect of the business is suitable for the application of Agile. Not every organization will benefit from adopting Agile, and not every leader will facilitate yet another change to success. In this course, you will be introduced to seven different change management theories and learn how to best use and apply them in practice. You will also learn how to scale Agile in your organization, what to look for when looking for best use cases, and what signs serve as clear indicators that Agile is not an appropriate philosophy to apply....

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2021년 1월 31일

Excellent complement to the previous 3 courses. Plenty of change models are presented, providing a comprehensive portfolio of tools to be used according to each use case and personality.


2021년 12월 28일

Очень интересный курс. Подробно рассмотрены теории управления изменениями. Превосходный уровень преподавания. Большое спасибо Оксане за её работу.

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2021년 4월 15일

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2021년 1월 1일

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2022년 5월 17일

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2021년 10월 16일

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2021년 2월 4일

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2021년 2월 15일

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2022년 6월 30일

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2021년 2월 3일

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2021년 8월 4일

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2022년 3월 7일

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2022년 6월 21일

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2021년 11월 21일

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2021년 1월 22일

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2022년 11월 16일

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2021년 11월 3일

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2022년 7월 30일