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This course is intended for students looking to create a solid algebraic foundation of fundamental mathematical concepts from which to take more advanced courses that use concepts from precalculus, calculus, probability, and statistics. This course will help solidify your computational methods, review algebraic formulas and properties, and apply these concepts model real world situations. This course is for any student who will use algebraic skills in future mathematics courses. Topics include: the real numbers, equalities, inequalities, polynomials, rational expressions and equations, graphs, relations and functions, radicals and exponents, and quadratic equations....

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2021년 12월 2일

The class was challenging and the assignments were rigorous training. I like the word problems and how fractions are used as a more complex way of learning and doing the math.


2022년 9월 13일

Course is great. But i think that not enough information about solving the expressions by non-graphical method.

Thank you for a good course, it really helped me!

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2022년 7월 13일