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After completing this course, students will learn how to successfully apply functions to model different data and real world occurrences. This course reviews the concept of a function and then provide multiple examples of common and uncommon types of functions used in a variety of disciplines. Formulas, domains, ranges, graphs, intercepts, and fundamental behavior are all analyzed using both algebraic and analytic techniques. From this core set of functions, new functions are created by arithmetic operations and function composition. These functions are then applied to solve real world problems. The ability to picture many different types of functions will help students learn how and when to apply these functions, as well as give students the geometric intuition to understand the algebraic techniques. The skills and objectives from this course improve problem solving abilities....

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2022년 10월 8일

This course gives the basic of the concepts of functions and gives opportunities for the student to challenge his basic understanding of functions by giving real-wrld examples of its application.


2022년 9월 15일

An excellent course just what I needed to understand functions better. The teacher is a pro at explaining and the exercises is perfectly put together. A thumbs up from me. Thanks:)

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