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World and internet is full of textual information. We search for information using textual queries, we read websites, books, e-mails. All those are strings from the point of view of computer science. To make sense of all that information and make search efficient, search engines use many string algorithms. Moreover, the emerging field of personalized medicine uses many search algorithms to find disease-causing mutations in the human genome. In this online course you will learn key pattern matching concepts: tries, suffix trees, suffix arrays and even the Burrows-Wheeler transform....

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2019년 7월 7일

Very good course. String algorithms are very important in day today life and one should really know how to solve command problems related to it. This course have described everything so well.


2020년 5월 12일

course content was great but i personally feels some difficulties in the implementation part so the course is meant to be more implementation oriented . thank you for the wondorful course

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