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퀸메리 런던 대학교의 Analysis and Interpretation of Data 학습자 리뷰 및 피드백

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This course focuses on the analysis and interpretation of data. The focus will be placed on data preparation and description and quantitative and qualitative data analysis. The course commences with a discussion of data preparation, scale internal consistency, appropriate data analysis and the Pearson correlation. We will look at statistics that can be used to investigate relationships and discuss statistics for investigating relationships with a focus on multiple regression. The course continues with a focus on logistic regression, exploratory factor analysis and the outcome of factor analysis. We are going to explore how to conduct an experiment and an observational study, as well as content analysis and the use of digital analytics in market research. The course ends with a consideration of digital analytics, with an emphasis on digital brand analysis, audience analysis, digital ecosystem analysis, Return on Investment (ROI), and the role of digital analytics in market research....
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