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Anti-Racism II is an intermediate course between Anti-Racism I and Anti-Racism III, focusing on the topic of race, racism, and strategies regarding how to be an anti-racist. Anti-Racism II is for anyone who has previously taken Anti-Racism I, or who has basic knowledge of the racial issues plaguing the United States, and globally. Anti-Racism I focused upon how to have open dialogue and conversations about race and racism. Anti-Racism II takes on the vital role assisting students in guiding their own conversations regarding race, and additionally gender and sexuality. Anti-Racism II will expand your knowledge and critically engage your inquiry, centering upon short interviews with leading scholars and activists in the field. Coupled with supplementary video and reading material, these interviews will further demonstrate the power of open dialogue and self-narration, directing you towards being an anti-racist ally. The centrality of the course interviews will culminate in a final project where students will construct and carry out their own personalized interview. The final project will test dialogic skills while asserting the importance of intimate conversations about race, gender, and sexuality. This is challenging work in troubling times that may conjure uneasy feelings and emotions. Anti-Racism II can work as a bridge coming face to face with your personal individual relationship with social demands plaguing us nationally and globally. The remedy is to allow yourself uncomfortableness in order to get to the solutions. We are all in this together. Peace & Love Shawn Course logo image credit: Emmanuel Gido, 08/31/2020. Available on Unsplash at

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2021년 7월 25일

I am grateful that I took the course. I have learned so much and am comfortable talking about Anti-Racism to others . I look forward to taking Anti-Racism III when it becomes available.


2022년 10월 17일

Vrey educational, and helpful in the journey to Anti-Racism !

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교육 기관: Cynthia B

2021년 7월 25일

교육 기관: David K

2021년 11월 23일

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2021년 9월 4일

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2021년 8월 13일

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2021년 5월 20일

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2022년 4월 26일

교육 기관: Orion C

2022년 10월 18일

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2022년 11월 28일

교육 기관: Ron M

2022년 4월 19일