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Today’s learners need to know what artificial intelligence (AI) is, how it works, how to use it in their everyday lives, and how it could potentially be used in their future. Using AI requires skills and values which extend far beyond simply having knowledge about coding and technology. This course is designed by teachers, for teachers, and will bridge the gap between commonly held beliefs about AI, and what it really is. AI can be embedded into all areas of the school curriculum and this course will show you how. This course will appeal to teachers who want to increase their general understanding of AI, including why it is important for learners; and/or to those who want to embed AI into their teaching practice and their students’ learning. There is also a unique opportunity to implement a Capstone Project for students alongside this professional learning course. Macquarie School of Education at Macquarie University and IBM Australia have collaborated to create this course which is aligned to AITSL ‘Proficient Level’ Australian Professional Standards at AQF Level 8....

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2022년 6월 25일

It was really so beneficial, learnt a lot about the role of AI and Machine Learning in Education and how we can use it effectively to train the students for advanced and creative learning


2022년 5월 4일

Excellent indeed! I guess every teacher should take this course! It does not only educate about AI, but its really good to get a sense of how AI subject can be taught.

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