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The objective of this course is to provide students the knowledge of artificial intelligence processing approaches to breast cancer detection. Students will take quizzes and participate in discussion sessions to reinforce critical concepts conveyed in the modules. Reading assignments, including journal papers to understand the topics in the modules, will be provided. The course is designed for students who are interested in the career of product development using artificial intelligence and would like to know how AI can be applied to mammography. The course content is focused on the AI processing paradigm along with the domain knowledge of breast imaging. This course approach is unique, providing students a broad perspective of AI, rather than homing in on a particular implementation method. Students who complete this course will not only leverage the knowledge into an entry level job in the field of artificial intelligence but also perform well on projects because their thorough understanding of the AI processing paradigm....

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2021년 10월 3일

The session was indeed informative and as best as it could've been. I am glad to be a participant and look forward to learn.


2022년 2월 24일

Clear explanations

Great testing and feedback

I loved this course.

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