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Designing for an organization, while requiring technical skill, is not just about knowing how to use a pagination program such as InDesign or manipulate photos using Photoshop. A designer is a visual storyteller, a person who pairs words with images and typography to best convey information to an audience. Good design evokes emotion and presents the news of the day with clarity and the proper tone. A business card, brochure, or website that has good design provides content that is more inviting, more easily comprehensible and is faster to process. Design isn’t about “making it look pretty,” it’s also about content, layout and audience analysis....

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2020년 8월 21일

Thank you for making such a good online course. Designing is my hobby, I didn't know what's behind the good, simple and eye-catchy designs, but I know some of the basic principles know. Thanks.


2020년 10월 18일

It is really full of knowledge that they shared and lots of articles that contain relevant topics that help me to add my knowledge and wisdom about design. Thank you DOST! Thank you, Coursera!

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