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The Discover Best Practice Farming for a Sustainable 2050 Course is based on a clear vision: imagine best practice farming for 2050, start to implement these strategies now, all the while making sure it will still be profitable. At UWA we're doing just that with the Future Farm 2050 Project, set on a mixed-enterprise farm in Western Australia and we want you to learn how it can be done in your part of the world. Although this course is based on agriculture, it's not only about farming. It is a multi-disciplinary course that addresses a wide range of issues confronting the industry, including rural communities, rural infrastructure and conservation of biodiversity in agriculture. By completing this course you will understand that feeding and clothing the planet requires a multi-disciplinary approach and upon completion you will be able to explain best practices of sustainable farming and apply them in new contexts....

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2019년 10월 9일

Friendly class for new college students. Easy to follow lectures and important materials makes the class great. I would love to see the farm in person, or make a small scale one on my own property.


2020년 12월 18일

It was a little hard for me, because it is in English.. especially for some quizzes.. But Its very useful course to take, with very helpful information and ideas.

Thanks for this opportunity ♡

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