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Best practices in Planning DE&I Interventions presents a “how-to,” step-by-step approach to planning around and executing diversity initiatives. From recruitment, retention, and training, this module addresses issues such as what do you do when your organization is not ready for DE&I, to how to turn principle concepts of DE&I into practical application and desired deliverables. By the end of this course, you will be able to: 1. Understand the challenges of DE&I strategic planning and how to create and how to create a process that will help you achieve your DE&I goals. 2. Explore strategies to better recruit underrepresented talent by implementing a DE&I recruitment process that is intentional and legally compliant. 3. Examine your DE&I retention programming to learn of new efforts that will retain employees. 4. Identify the common struggles with implementing DE&I training and what you can do to support a successful training initiative....

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