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With deteriorating health, particularly brain health, occurring at a global level, this course introduces you to methods for maximizing your brain's fitness through nutrition, exercise, meditation, and sleep. We'll debunk popular myths about prescribed practices for overall health and then uncover studies from the last few decades revealing practical routines and interventions that are proven to help improve the brain. You'll also get a glimpse at the brain's structure and common brain functions, as well as a "prescription" each week of tips for improving your brain's health....

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2019년 3월 10일

Very useful, interesting and inspiring. Some of the things I already knew, but there were plenty historical, medical, scientific facts that enforced it and made me more confident in my knowledge.


2020년 9월 15일

I have enjoyed this course from the beginning to the end, The lecturer was speaking in interesting manner that have caught my focus to the video, Overall I would recommend this course to everyone

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Biohacking Your Brain's Health의 377개 리뷰 중 151~175

교육 기관: MATIAS I V N

2022년 2월 7일

Me parecio un excelente curso aprendi cosas muy importantes y aplicables a la vida diaria, saludos!

교육 기관: Yuvraj R

2020년 4월 18일

The course was very good, it helped me to understand and inculcate good habits or routine my life.

교육 기관: tanja c

2021년 8월 2일

Great course, very informative and easy to understand with great prescriptions (recommendations).

교육 기관: Swarnalatha B

2020년 9월 22일

Very informative and good course. Instructor was very good in explaining the concepts. Thank you

교육 기관: Shannon R

2019년 10월 11일

Great course with neat information. Wish I could "complete" it as a certificate without paying.

교육 기관: Iman M

2019년 9월 8일

It is an amazing course but it needed more than 4 weeks since you have to do a lot of reading.

교육 기관: Karen M R

2021년 8월 15일

Excellent course, theory is good and they tell us in a way I could remember important points.

교육 기관: tessie p

2020년 10월 12일

This course is very practical as it teaches learners about taking care of our mental health.

교육 기관: Zarina U

2020년 9월 12일

I really liked this course. It is so interesting and the information given was fascinating.

교육 기관: Tisha E

2020년 8월 24일

Very informative and motivating to learn more about the brain and to take care of the brain.

교육 기관: Avinash

2020년 4월 14일

I enjoyed learning lot about my brain functioning, the material provided was really helpful.

교육 기관: Theodoros K

2020년 5월 2일

Amazing course, with a lot of research and hot topics on brain health. Totally recommended.

교육 기관: Madhura S P

2020년 9월 7일

I really enjoyed the course as I have definitely learned something new.I loved the content

교육 기관: Sivaporn K

2020년 7월 22일

It's very informative, updated literature and the lectures are very pleasant to listen to.

교육 기관: Deleted A

2020년 4월 26일

Great course, the kind of course I've never seen in my life. Can't say with the mouth.....

교육 기관: Ravina G

2020년 5월 30일

The price for course is high. If u reduce the price it will be helpful for the students.

교육 기관: Nicol A C M

2022년 4월 26일

Ecñxcelente presentacion! bien ordenado! Lenguaje simple. Podria tener mas referencias

교육 기관: Juan E L S

2020년 11월 23일

It was really helpful, I can't wait to put all this information in practice. Thanks !!!

교육 기관: TyAnn S R

2020년 8월 31일

Pretty awesome and backed up by science!! Thank you so much for creating this class!!!

교육 기관: Lance G

2021년 3월 3일

Fascinating and useful information. Take notes though - the lectures are often loaded.

교육 기관: A_CH_PETR

2020년 12월 22일

Well structured, easy to understand, with not too lengthy videos and helpful articles.

교육 기관: Nahiyan C

2020년 9월 29일

I have learnt a lot about the brain and its effect on our daily life. Really worth it.

교육 기관: Henrique C R

2020년 8월 13일

I'm no expert to judge the content, but I really liked it. It exceeded my expectations


2020년 8월 16일

It was a Wonderful Experience , I'd Use the Information Learned In my daily routine.

교육 기관: Max F

2021년 1월 13일

Excelente curso. Hay que tomar muchas notas porque la información pasa muy deprisa.