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Black Agricultural Solutions to Food Apartheid is a series where we dive deep into the historical, ancestral, and spiritual connections that Black people have to land and agriculture. Throughout this course, we encourage participants to learn about their ancestral foodways, agrarian practices, and spiritual connections. These sessions share wisdom and highlight the importance of food sovereignty, rebuilding community, and land based living. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the spiritual and ancestral relationships that many Black people have to a higher power, land, plants, and each other. Participants will walk away from this series with an understanding of the many benefits of gardening and farming, including but not limited to social capital, collective agency, physical wellbeing, deepened spiritual connections, community resilience, economic autonomy, organizing, mobilizing, and improved mental and emotional health. Participants will leave this session with the desire to learn more about their own familial relationships to food and land, as well as a greater understanding of Black agriculture....

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교육 기관: Marion H

2022년 3월 28일