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This is a unique online course which teaches students the basics of blood film analysis. This course is specifically tailored to those with a background in Medical Science, Medicine or Pathology who are studying or starting work in a haematology laboratory but also serves as a valuable continuing education resource. To be successful in this course, access to a haematology laboratory is desirable but not essential. This is not a textbook or a laborious examination of every blood film abnormality but rather focusses on the approach – both an overall method for analysing a blood film, and a framework for analysing quantitative and qualitative changes in blood cells. At each step students are taught a method, provided with the theoretical framework for interpreting abnormalities, and shown examples of abnormalities highlighting their clinical significance. This is reinforced with frequent in-lecture interactive quizzes, end of lecture mcqs, and suggested lab exercises which engage the student with the laboratory and their colleagues. At the end of each module and at the end of the whole series are summative assessments which must be successfully completed to attain the course certificate....

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