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Brand identity and Strategy is a IE Business School course for those professionals who are ready to adopt a creative approach to empowering brands. Students will go through a journey that starts with understanding what a brand is and how they can build successful ones, whilst simultaneously segmenting their consumers appropriately. The course explores positioning and its importance to successful brands looking at perceptual maps and the well-known iceberg model. It culminates in development of real brand houses, which can be applied to the working world, and how picking the right name, colors and logo can be instrumental to a brand’s success. The course is delivered by Rhodes Scholar winning Professor, Dr Maria Eizaguirre, a member of IE Business School’s faculty....

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2020년 6월 5일

It was Informational. the professor taught the course really well with great examples. Found this course very interesting and creative. And it definitely helped me to understand branding in depth.


2019년 11월 19일

I love how this course is delivered - Dr. María Eizaguirre delivers this course in a simple, succinct and clear format. You are left with a wealth of knowledge on branding and strategy.

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