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Businesses run on data, and data offers little value without analytics. The ability to process data to make predictions about the behavior of individuals or markets, to diagnose systems or situations, or to prescribe actions for people or processes drives business today. Increasingly many businesses are striving to become “data-driven”, proactively relying more on cold hard information and sophisticated algorithms than upon the gut instinct or slow reactions of humans. This course will focus on understanding key analytics concepts and the breadth of analytic possibilities. Together, the class will explore dozens of real-world analytics problems and solutions across most major industries and business functions. The course will also touch on analytic technologies, architectures, and roles from business intelligence to data science, and from data warehouses to data lakes. And the course will wrap up with a discussion of analytics trends and futures....

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2020년 11월 1일

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It has given me sufficient insights to move forward to the data science and analytics fields. The real-world examples are on point for each lesson.


2019년 6월 19일

Definetly a source for present day information and upcoming trends in analytics. This professor definetly can offer a new comers guide to data analytics.

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