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This course will teach you vocabulary and skills related to participating in meetings. You will learn terms and phrases used both in email and in speaking to arrange, participate in, and conclude meetings. The goals of this course are to enable you to participate effectively in on-site meetings and teleconferences and to prepare you to write a proposal as an outcome of a meeting. Course Learning Objectives • Arrange a meeting though email and by telephone • List expectations and protocols related to on-site meetings and teleconferences • State phone numbers, dates, currencies and sales figures accurately • Write a proposal with appropriate organization and vocabulary...

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2020년 8월 15일

It was good enrolling for this course, I have learned and gained useful skills in Business English, I will be confidently able to participate and contribute in business meetings.


2016년 5월 15일

All information posted in this course is very useful and completed, I did not really expect found all it at the same place. I am completely grateful for attending this course!

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