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According to Steven Blank a business startup, or any new venture startup is essentially a proto-type. Thus the startup process essentially becomes a learning process to refine that business proto-type into a scalable, replicable finished 'product'. At the end of this course learners will be able to: -complete a business model summarizing assumptions about what value they will offer to whom, and how they will make money. - systematically test and validate these assumptions within the constraints of their available resources, and - use these validated assumptions to generate financial projections that are based on actual resources and efforts expended. The days of the 40 page business plan have certainly passed, but the role of planning in the business creation process is one of extreme importance. In this course we will explore the important components that you need to explore in detail prior to business creation. Action without planning is a recipe for disaster and we will make sure you have a rock solid foundation for future actions. The planning here is focused on learning. It is unrealistic for anyone to document in detail all of the actions they should take to make a new venture or activity successful when they (and often no one else) has any experience with the new venture and the conditions which it is likely to face. Thus the business plan based largely on assumptions and aggregate, non-applicable data is replaced with the business model which organizes the key assumptions determining what value the business will offer to whom, and how it will make money. The course will guide learners through the process of systematically testing and validating these assumptions, and obtaining specific, applicable data. It will then show learners how to use these validated assumptions to generate pro-forma financial statements directly tied to actions and resources based on this business model....

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2017년 8월 6일

I am already through week 1 and I feel alot of things they have given as input has helped me to reiterate my launch plan again. I am glad I took the time out to go through this course.


2020년 10월 29일

It very a good course for a beginner startup like me to understand the nature of business. I give 5star.

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