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Have you ever needed to resolve a billing or other issue with a healthcare organization and thought that there must be a better, more efficient, and more customer-friendly way to operate such a business process? For example, have you thought that there should be an easier way to read your bill or pay your bill? Or do you work in a healthcare organization and find yourself thinking that there must be better ways for the business processes to function? If you have, this course is for you. Course content includes an overview of healthcare organization business processes including business process management approaches as well as a discussion of healthcare organization entrepreneurship as a business process. The course provides links to external sites to connect you to the larger "real world" of healthcare organization business processes, business process management, and entrepreneurship. The links also serve as resources you can take with you after you complete the course experience. And because everyone loves a road trip/field trip, there are also "virtual field trips" to the often hidden places of interest on the web. The course format is readings, videos, quizzes, and a project. The project requires you to synthesize course material to design patient-centered business processes for a healthcare organization the way you would have things run in the best of all worlds. The design (submitted as an electronic word processing document in memo format) is an artifact of the course which you can circulate to colleagues or use as the basis for a talk or presentation event....

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2020년 11월 21일

Very informative, well structured. The information contained and most importantly the references I was introduced to will be instrumental in my work in Healthcare Operational Excellence.


2019년 11월 28일

I found the experience in writing a memo was great. I have learned so much in this course about how a business process can help in healthcare.

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