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We are surrounded by so much discussion of sustainability that it can sometimes become overwhelming. Important questions include: What role can business have in ensuring the sustainability of the planet? How should business work with society to preserve the environment? These questions will be answered in this course as we explore the meaning of sustainability and its impact on modern organisations as they move to circular ideas to reduce waste, increase recycling and become fit for our modern society. In the course you will not only learn about the role of business in sustainability, but also your own personal contribution. In addition to environmental issues we will also reflect on how employees are pressuring firms to see themselves as a positive part of the wider society. The specific topics we will cover include: Paris Climate Accord, Carbon Footprint, the circular economy, reverse logistics, recycling strategies, right to repair, Corporate Social Responsibility, Bottom of the Pyramid and developing economies, and fair trade business models. By the end of the course, your understanding of sustainability and business's relationship with society will have increased considerably. You will develop new skills in research and analysis and will have lots of new ideas to take away with you and apply in your own organisation and your own working life....

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2022년 8월 31일

Very engaging and interesting. I audited teh course so did not submit the peer assignment but found all the readings and videos very thought provoking.


2022년 1월 16일

Amazing course, lets you know deeply about how sustainability works in the business domain

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