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The aim of this course is to promote critical thinking with regard to forensic science. Today, in general, most people are dazzled by the technical possibilities offered by forensic science. They somewhat live in the illusion that forensic evidence is fool proof and brings factual findings with 100% certainty. This course – given by specialists in the field – goes beyond the conventional image that is promoted through TV series such as CSI. It alerts (without alarming) the public on the limits of the techniques in order to promote a sound administration of forensic science in the criminal justice system.  It allows participants to understand the importance of probabilistic reasoning in forensic science, because uncertainty is a constitutive part of forensic science. The course is constructed as a series of causes célèbres that could or have led to miscarriages of justice. Some of these cases have been part of case reviews carried out at the School of Criminal Justice of the University of Lausanne. ****************** Special thanks to our translators, in particular the University of Lausanne and the School of Criminal Justice sincerely thank Massimiliano Stabile (forensic biologist), Francesco Zampa (forensic chemist) and Giampietro Lago (forensic biologist) for the Italian translation of the course....

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2021년 2월 20일

Very interesting course developing an understanding of forensic science and its use in various criminal cases as well as highlighting the limitations and challenges associated with its use in court.


2020년 5월 26일

The instructors are very helpful and accessible. The course is enlightening and very important in the effective interpretation of forensic science. Thank you for preparing this course!

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