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"Check Point's Quantum is the best Threat Prevention solution on the Market! It offers uncompromising Security, consistently preventing both known and unknown Zero-day attacks. Check Point Quantum Network Security provides ultra-scalable protection against Gen V cyber attacks on your network, cloud, data center, IoT, and remote users. This course includes these modules: 1. Intro 2. Installing Gaia 3. Running the First Time Wizard. 4. Installing SmartConsole 5. Establish SIC 6. Create & installing Policy 7. Enable application control blade 8. Enable IDA blade 9. Enable HTTPS Inspection 10. Enable Autonomous Threat Prevention 11. Adding License 12. CPUSE SmartConsole 13. Gathering cpinfo This course is suitable for new Check Point customers with no prior experience configuring or administrating Check Point Network Security products." To learn more about Check Point Training, see:
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