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Intel의 Cloud Pricing and Financial Operations (FinOps) 학습자 리뷰 및 피드백

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This specialization is targeted to cloud sales, marketing managers, business executives, and operations and data center managers who need education around the specifics of the business aspects of operating a cloud at Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), Distributors, Resellers and Managed Service Providers who service cloud customers. This course is part of the Intel® Cloud Business Professional Specialization. Completion of specialization offers a badge via Credly. ● Cloud FinOps Overview and TCO Models: This lesson discusses cloud cost modeling and the emergence of the FinOps function. Also covered will be cloud cost management best practices and key personas involved of cloud economics. (Duration: 15 minutes) ● Cloud Service Provider Accounting Structures: This lesson will overview how the 3 large Cloud Services manage their enterprise accounting efforts including enterprise agreements and accounting entitlements. (Duration: 10 minutes) ● Native Cloud Billing Management and Reporting: This lesson addresses the usage invoice delivery, native cost explorer and usage reporting for each of the three large Cloud Service providers. (Duration: 15 minutes) ● Cloud Pricing Models: This lesson covers cloud pricing models for each of the 3 large Cloud Service Providers. Also addressed will be reservations, spot instances and native pricing estimators. (Duration: 30 minutes) ● Controlling Cloud Costs: This 3-part course will dive into the ideas and intricacies around controlling spending in the cloud. Included in this course are specific demos for the 3 large Cloud Service Providers. (Duration: 80 minutes) ● Cloud Multi-Tenant Management and Billback: This course discusses the business aspects of multi-tenant cloud billings. It covers showback vs billback billing models and prepaid instances and commitments. (Duration: 10 minutes)...

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Cloud Pricing and Financial Operations (FinOps)의 2개 리뷰 중 1~2

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