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This MOOC describes by example how to build cloud services via the use of object-oriented design techniques; Java programming language features; Java Servlets, the Java Spring Framework; and cloud computing platforms, such as Amazon Web Services. Due to the importance of building secure and scalable mobile/cloud platforms, this MOOC will not only show you how to build cloud services, but how to do so securely, scalably, and efficiently. Security and scalability topics will be woven into discussions of cloud service creation so that students learn, from the start, how to create robust cloud services....

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2019년 9월 8일

This is one of the courses that I would definitely recommend. Quizzes and especially programming assignments really helped my understanding. Plus Prof. Jules is one of the great instructors.


2020년 9월 11일

Great Lectures and explanation. However before taking this course need to have a good understanding on OAuth2 subject. The lecture does not cover OAuth2 but the assignment required this.

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2020년 8월 2일