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The analytical process does not end with models than can predict with accuracy or prescribe the best solution to business problems. Developing these models and gaining insights from data do not necessarily lead to successful implementations. This depends on the ability to communicate results to those who make decisions. Presenting findings to decision makers who are not familiar with the language of analytics presents a challenge. In this course you will learn how to communicate analytics results to stakeholders who do not understand the details of analytics but want evidence of analysis and data. You will be able to choose the right vehicles to present quantitative information, including those based on principles of data visualization. You will also learn how to develop and deliver data-analytics stories that provide context, insight, and interpretation....

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2020년 12월 9일

From data visualization to acting on the data. Examples illustrate the entire analytic lifecycle. This is a very concise course about the techniques for communicating business analytics results.


2020년 4월 5일

The flow of course was excellent, videos were clear and data presented were rich in content and enriched my analytical skills, very good communication skills by professional speakers as well.

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