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How can companies act in the fight against global warming? This is a question that is being asked more and more urgently to all economic actors. To shed some light on your thoughts, we have met with four companies of various sizes and sectors of activity that are very committed to the subject. They will share with you their progress in aligning themselves with the objectives of the Paris Accord. Alain Grandjean and his colleagues from Carbone 4 will bring you the fundamentals of the subject, scientific bases to clarify the stakes, but also and above all, methodological elements to help you put your company on the path of the 2 degrees.With my fellow professors from ESSEC, we will bring you complementary views and a synthesis of all the contents. This MOOC will not be a technical MOOC, this MOOC will not be an advocacy MOOC either, this MOOC will be a pedagogical object that will help you have a better understanding of organizational issues and managerial concepts in relation to climate change - a complex scientific topic. It is therefore a question of knowing more about how a company can take climate change into account in its strategy and its operations. For those who wish to do so, we will provide you with tools and means to take action on these issues of climate change and energy transition....

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2022년 7월 9일

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2022년 7월 14일

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2022년 2월 4일

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2022년 10월 1일

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2022년 8월 3일