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Welcome to "CCAI Operations and Implementation", the fourth course in the "Customer Experiences with Contact Center AI" series. In this course, learn some best practices for integrating conversational solutions with your existing contact center software, establishing a framework for human agent assistance, and implementing solutions securely and at scale. In this course, you'll be introduced to Agent Assist and the technology it uses so you can delight your customers with the efficiencies and accuracy of services provided when customers require human agents, connectivity protocols, APIs, and platforms which you can use to create an integration between your virtual agent and the services already established for your business, Dialogflow's Environment Management tool for deployment of different versions of your virtual agent for various purposes, compliance measures and regulations you should be aware of when bringing your virtual agent to production, and you'll be given tips from virtual agent subject matter experts on how to avoid mishaps in your design and implementation that will result in a poor experience for your customers. This is an intermediate course, intended for learners with the following types of roles: • Software developers: Codes computer software in a programming language (e.g., C++, Python, Javascript) and often using an SDK/API. • Operations specialists: Monitors system operations and troubleshoots problems. Installs, supports, and maintains network and system tools. Recommended prerequisite: Before taking this course, learners may wish to take the "CCAI Conversational Design Fundamentals" course....
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