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In the second course of the Content Strategy Specialization - "Managing Content" - you will dive deeper into Content Strategy by learning some great options for managing your important content once it's been created. You will look at media platforms and how best to tell an organization’s “content story” across those platforms using a human-centered design. Then, you'll take a close look at ways to best utilize social and mobile media, as well as some of the issues around insourcing/outsourcing content. Finally, you'll get an inside look at how legal issues associated with Content Strategy are handled in companies large and small around the globe. This course serves professionals who want to learn to manage their trustable, engaging and often interactive content to advance their enterprise’s future and their own career in it. As a bonus, we've also included a toolkit to download and take back to work. Can’t remember the 3 truths that frame all communications in the digital age? Need to convince a co-worker that a human centered design approach is best for your project? Want to review how you create an engaging brand for your content? You will find answers to those questions and more in the toolkit. Guest lecturers in this course include: -- Emily Withrow, Assistant Professor, Medill, Northwestern -- Jeremy Gilbert, Director of Strategic Initiatives, The Washington Post -- Randy Hlavac, Lecturer, Medill, Northwestern (and lead professor of the Social Media Marketing Specialization also on Coursera)...

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2020년 4월 24일

certain acronyms are tough to understand. Some professors speech is'nt that student friendly .otherwise a good course especially for people acquainted with English language . Others may find it tough.


2021년 3월 12일

A lot of information was delivered, yet it was very well summarized and easy to digest. The examples provided to demonstrate concepts were really helpful. Great course!

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