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The Capstone Project will let you demonstrate all that you have learned throughout the Content Strategy Specialization. It is an exciting learning experience that takes you through developing an effective Content Strategy package to meaningfully understand its scope and impact. The Capstone is centered on a fictional web startup, Wish I Was There, which aims to be the go-to travel guide for anywhere in the world using recommendations crowdsourced from local experts. While it is not a real company, the assignment you are asked to complete is similar to the work you would do in the real-world. By the time you’ve finished developing your response to this case, you will see how it directly relates to what confronts you in your own work. For the Capstone assignment, assume you have been selected to develop a Content Strategy for the section of Wish I Was There’s website for the region, people and culture where you live and work. You will need to create a visual mock-up of a webpage that appeals to the audiences you want to reach as well as a comprehensive plan to engage with them....

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2017년 8월 25일

Loved the entire course and the teaching materials. Has been very informative, engaging and highly relevant. Will come back for more.


2018년 2월 16일

It's a good project from learning point. As what ever one learns in the courses, implements it.

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