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As an expert in infectious diseases, editor of the Journal of Infectious Diseases and author of the textbook Infectious Diseases: A clinical short course, McGraw-Hill April 2020, I have been concerned about the misinformation being shared about the COVID-19 epidemic. How did this disease develop? Where did it come from? How does it cause diseases? The answers to these questions will be answered in the first video of module 1. The world has been startled and frightened by the rapid spread of this virus throughout the world. In Video 2 the epidemiology as presently understood is reviewed. This video will be periodically updated recognizing the rapid progression of the pandemic. Many want to know how does this disease present, what are the symptoms associated with COVID-19? How dangerous is COVID-19? Who is at risk of dying? All these questions are answered in Video 3. And finally how is this disease best treated and how can we slow the spread of the infection? These questions are answered in video 4. In addition to the videos multiple choice questions are included to test your understanding and there is an epidemiology peer reviewed exercise designed to teach you how this infection is spread and to show the power of the tracing of cases and isolating those who are infected. The second peer review exercise will encourage you to create a campaign to shift your countries culture to embrace behaviors that can lead to suppression of the epidemic, behaviors that will save lives. After completing this course you will be armed with the knowledge and skills to make a difference and help to bend the curve....

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2020년 6월 12일

Hellow I am samruddhi and glad to tell you that I had recive the good grades in this course and completed it. This course has taught me many new things and this is very helpful for my future.


2020년 9월 8일

Excellent material, eminent faculties and wonderfully presented all throughout. It kept me engaged scientifically over the last couple of months. Kudos!!

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