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As the third of four courses on Curanderismo, the art of Hispanic/Latino traditional medicine, this course focuses specifically on traditional healing of mind, energy and spirit. As an educational and cultural platform, this course will share a number of traditional body therapies. Trained traditional healers will share their knowledge of cleansings from different cultures such as spiritual, energetic and Tonalli Cleansing. Learners will not become certified traditional healers at the completion of this course but will be able apply basic principles or traditional medicine for health and illnesses. They will become familiar specifically with the traditional therapy of the sweat lodge temazcal, laugh therapy risaterapia and they will learn about the creation of sacred spaces and healing grief through Día de los Muertos. The Final Curanderismo course will be: • Global and Cultural Influences of Traditional Healing: African traditional medicine from Uganda and Gabon; Afro-Latino from Cuba and Puerto Rico, Native American spiritual cleansings and Mayan acupuncture and other topics. REQUIRED TEXTS - Curanderismo: The Art of Traditional Medicine without Borders by Eliseo Torres - Curandero: Traditional Healers of Mexico and the Southwest by Eliseo Torres with Imanol Miranda Where to buy: OPTIONAL TEXTS Curandero: A life in Mexican Folk Healing by Eliseo Torres & Tim Sawyer Healing with Herbs & Rituals: A Mexican Tradition, Eliseo Torres, edited by Tim Sawyer Where to buy: PODCAST: - Blubrry podcast - - Itunes Episode 63 -

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2019년 6월 20일

Loved this course. It was very informative. I enjoyed learning more about the meaning of the rituals I've seen before. It will shape my life going forward.


2020년 8월 15일

Thank you so much for making these teachings so accessible in these times. This was a beautiful class and I will be taking the other four.

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