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In Course 1, we set the foundation for the Art of Sales Specialization and offer a new mindset for becoming a high-performer in sales. We will discuss the Knowledge, Skill and Discipline that you need to stand out in your industry, and create a goal for you to reach by the end of the specialization. Finally, you will learn how to talk about yourself and your business. You will build your personal Sales Trailer and learn how to get into and out of sales conversations quickly and effectively. About the Specialization: The purpose of this Specialization is to make you as efficient and effective in selling as possible. You will gain several critical skills and disciplines that will accelerate your success with your small or large company and your life. The ability to sell is a necessity in this world. Whether it’s standing out in a crowd, selling yourself to a new employer, or winning new customers; selling is something we do every day, and we should be great at it! This Specialization is designed as an adventure of discovery. You will be tested, taught and transformed through a series of lectures, discussions and exercises that are designed to push you up and out of your comfort zone. You will learn how to target and acquire customers and get them to fall in love.....

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2020년 6월 10일

I have never done a sales course before, I'm so glad I took this one. It's so much more than an intro, Craig brings you right up to very high level of training, putting it into practice is up to you!


2020년 8월 13일

Great course! I took concepts that I knew of (and some that I didn't) and learned how to be better. I really like Craig Woortman. His style is "learning by doing." And that works best for me.

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