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This course is for you if you are interested in transitioning toward a managerial role in cybersecurity and mobility. Through interviews with industry experts in this area, you will be able to analyze innovations powering the rapid spread of information technology and how they present new challenges for protecting data. For example, mobile devices increase convenience but often bypass traditional security measures. After this course, you will be able to describe how the nature of the threat evolves, as culprits employ a burgeoning set of sophisticated tools to take advantage of our growing reliance on networks for critical-data exchange. If you want to pursue a career in the public sector, the stakes are high as well. The proliferation of hackers, inevitable human errors, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives, and the ever-broadening need to share information weigh heavily on government and education organizations, and consume substantial resources. The Pentagon, for example, has proposed to spend $23 billion on network security initiatives through 2018. This sounds like a large sum, until you consider the scope and importance of the U.S. government information resources this investment must protect. After completing the course modules you will be able to explain how yesterday’s prevention strategies are no longer adequate for stopping advanced, targeted attacks. Effective cybersecurity must be multi-dimensional and tiered, as threats can originate from virtually anywhere, target numerous levels of an organization, and sometimes persist for months or years before an information security staff is aware of an attack or breach. Therefore securing networks requires a holistic approach that incorporates several elements....

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2020년 8월 22일

It was a wonderful course, it helped me a lot, thanks to the instructor and everyone who were related with this course and thanks to Coursera for giving us this wonderful opportunity. Thank you.


2020년 7월 23일

If anyone wants to know about Basics of Cybersecurity, Mobility and IoT, this is one of the very good course. I will recommend it to others. Thanks To CourseEra and the teachers.

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