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This course provides an introduction to basic data science techniques using Python. Students are introduced to core concepts like Data Frames and joining data, and learn how to use data analysis libraries like pandas, numpy, and matplotlib. This course provides an overview of loading, inspecting, and querying real-world data, and how to answer basic questions about that data. Students will gain skills in data aggregation and summarization, as well as basic data visualization....

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2021년 9월 6일

Good course, it gives you the basic info to pandas, numpy and matplotlib. It teaches you how to obtain dataframes, join, filter, group, summarize and visualize data. Short course but really worth it.


2022년 9월 5일

A well paced and explained course throughout. I have learned a lot from this course, especially with the coding along exercises and example Jupyter notebooks. Highly Recommended!

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2022년 9월 28일

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2022년 3월 3일

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2021년 7월 27일

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2022년 7월 17일

교육 기관: Nurul W R

2021년 9월 27일

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2021년 4월 14일

교육 기관: Sajad A

2021년 12월 2일

교육 기관: Jetfferson A

2021년 9월 7일

교육 기관: Yunyi S

2022년 11월 13일