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By the end of this course, learners are empowered to implement data-driven process improvement objectives at their organization. The course covers: the business case for IoT (Internet of Things), the strategic importance of aligning operations and performance goals, best practices for collecting data, and facilitating a process mapping activity to visualize and analyze a process’s flow of materials and information. Learners are prepared to focus efforts around business needs, evaluate what the organization should measure, discern between different types of IoT data and collect key performance indicators (KPIs) using IoT technology. Learners have the opportunity to implement process improvement objectives in a mock scenario and consider how the knowledge can be transferred to their own organizational contexts. Material includes online lectures, videos, demos, project work, readings and discussions. This course is ideal for individuals keen on developing a data-driven mindset that derives powerful insights useful for improving a company’s bottom line. It is helpful if learners have some familiarity with reading reports, gathering and using data, and interpreting visualizations. It is the first course in the Data-Driven Decision Making (DDDM) specialization. To learn more about the specialization, check out a video overview at

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2021년 4월 2일

The course is easy to understand and provides some key foundational considerations for data gathering and making an impact on business strategy.


2021년 6월 15일

Course is very good but if the resource material can be converted to a video it will add more value

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