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By now you have definitely heard about data science and big data. In this one-week class, we will provide a crash course in what these terms mean and how they play a role in successful organizations. This class is for anyone who wants to learn what all the data science action is about, including those who will eventually need to manage data scientists. The goal is to get you up to speed as quickly as possible on data science without all the fluff. We've designed this course to be as convenient as possible without sacrificing any of the essentials. This is a focused course designed to rapidly get you up to speed on the field of data science. Our goal was to make this as convenient as possible for you without sacrificing any essential content. We've left the technical information aside so that you can focus on managing your team and moving it forward. After completing this course you will know. 1. How to describe the role data science plays in various contexts 2. How statistics, machine learning, and software engineering play a role in data science 3. How to describe the structure of a data science project 4. Know the key terms and tools used by data scientists 5. How to identify a successful and an unsuccessful data science project 3. The role of a data science manager Course cover image by r2hox. Creative Commons BY-SA:
Basic course

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Well taught

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2016년 8월 27일

Is really hard to summarize the potential of Data Science and being clear, but I think that the instructors have done their best, so that we can achieve the most from the Course.

Great Job!


2017년 9월 9일

This is a great starter course for data science. My learning assessment is usually how well I can teach it to someone else. I know I have a better understanding now, than I did when I started.

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데이터 과학 벼락치기 강좌의 1,473개 리뷰 중 1426~1450

교육 기관: Sukumar N

2016년 4월 20일

Ref: "A Crash Course in Data Science" the content could be presented in a simpler way. Some of the presentations sounds little vague and conceptual level like an Advanced Math or, Statistics class. I am wondering since this is an Executive program, is there a simpler and easy to grasp way to present the material. The text download files (i.e. txt) document descriptions needs to be more clearer. The Power Point downloads are excellent and are to the point.

교육 기관: Ryan M

2021년 3월 31일

I felt that the speakers used an awful lot of words to say very few things - they could reduce the length of this course by about 50% if they were more concise and too the point. Also, it would help if they had microphones as it would improve the sound quality. They should also tidy up the background, e.g. wipe unrelated text from the chalkboard, and remove clutter from behind them.

교육 기관: ciri

2019년 3월 4일

Came in with high expectations, but the content didn't meet them. Some of the videos have poor audio/video quality, read out dry definitions that are not very relevant. The lecture notes and video content contain factual mistakes (section of software is filled with errors) and confuse the notion of machine learning with data science throughout.

교육 기관: Mohsin Q

2016년 10월 31일

They could have stated the audience of the course more clearly. I found most of the information irrelevant that added little value. Most of the things discussed are generic and would apply to any project.

교육 기관: Marcelo H G

2017년 7월 12일

Too much Superficial. Too fewer quizes. More external videos about hadoop, python, spark, data lakes. More paradigms broken. Need to explain what is On premise, rent and cloud.

교육 기관: Jouke A M

2018년 12월 7일

Not very complete, also you need some knowledge of the field already otherwise you will be left in the dark at certain moments. Not a very consistent course. I expected better

교육 기관: Prashant P

2015년 12월 22일

Too theoretical, e.g, comparison between statistics and ML is not at all useful. Too many quizzes after very short classes and on topics of absolutely generic things.

교육 기관: Brandon L

2016년 8월 1일

Good intent but poor execution. Tries to summarize all the major topics but ends up delivering a totally disjointed, cut-and-paste experience with no real flow.

교육 기관: Arno B

2017년 5월 4일

very elementary. Takes approximately 2 hours to complete.

cannot continue with the in-dept material but have to wait until next week (and payment ofcourse).

교육 기관: Nellai S

2017년 7월 2일

At some places, one lesson had the text and the next lesson was redundant with part of the information on video. you could club them in one an

교육 기관: Seth D

2022년 2월 9일

Too simplistic for me but maybe just right for someone that has never taken a computer science course or used a computer before.

교육 기관: Abdullah A M

2020년 10월 4일

The teacher knows quite well, but not suitable for beginners. This course is for someone who is already an expert in this field.

교육 기관: Ayush J

2020년 7월 4일

This course was good but the way of information and there should me more lectures and more detail study notes for this

교육 기관: Dhruv W

2020년 8월 10일

The least interactive course to throw money at. The teachers used very conventional and un-interactive ways to teach.

교육 기관: Iair M L S J

2015년 12월 26일

too basic, the 4 courses of this specialization could be just one course.

교육 기관: Pulkit N

2020년 4월 6일

Was a very broad review than was expecting.Content covered is too less

교육 기관: Hussain, C

2015년 10월 21일

Very general course. Doesn't give much insight into data science.

교육 기관: Deepak G

2016년 6월 28일

Very short. Quality of the course is also not that good.

교육 기관: Diego V

2021년 4월 16일

too much lingo and words without clear definition.

교육 기관: Eduardo R L

2016년 10월 7일

1-week does not seem enough for a Crash Course

교육 기관: Shafeeq I

2019년 1월 8일

Not that engaging content. bit lengthy

교육 기관: Carlos C

2015년 10월 5일

This course is too short.

교육 기관: Yousuf B

2017년 3월 10일

Overly academic

교육 기관: Boris L

2015년 10월 5일

Very shallow