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This course allows you to apply the SQL skills taught in “SQL for Data Science” to four increasingly complex and authentic data science inquiry case studies. We'll learn how to convert timestamps of all types to common formats and perform date/time calculations. We'll select and perform the optimal JOIN for a data science inquiry and clean data within an analysis dataset by deduping, running quality checks, backfilling, and handling nulls. We'll learn how to segment and analyze data per segment using windowing functions and use case statements to execute conditional logic to address a data science inquiry. We'll also describe how to convert a query into a scheduled job and how to insert data into a date partition. Finally, given a predictive analysis need, we'll engineer a feature from raw data using the tools and skills we've built over the course. The real-world application of these skills will give you the framework for performing the analysis of an AB test....

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2020년 9월 22일

A good course for learning and apply sql to conduct analysis on ab testing results. Would be better if the instructor could provide more info about how to design and apply AB Testing on the customers


2019년 7월 29일

The instructor is very smart and her syllabus is very easy to follow. The real life examples are great and helps put ideas in perspective! I would definitely recommend this course and already have!

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