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An increasing volume of data is becoming available in biomedicine and healthcare, from genomic data, to electronic patient records and data collected by wearable devices. Recent advances in data science are transforming the life sciences, leading to precision medicine and stratified healthcare. In this course, you will learn about some of the different types of data and computational methods involved in stratified healthcare and precision medicine. You will have a hands-on experience of working with such data. And you will learn from leaders in the field about successful case studies. Topics include: (i) Sequence Processing, (ii) Image Analysis, (iii) Network Modelling, (iv) Probabilistic Modelling, (v) Machine Learning, (vi) Natural Language Processing, (vii) Process Modelling and (viii) Graph Data. Watch the course promo video here:

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2018년 6월 7일

Great course, really well designed and well produced and I feel like I've learned a lot! The coding was a bit of a shock to the system but it was nice and challenging. Thank you to the team!


2020년 11월 2일

This is the first course I have ever done on course. I enjoyed the course thought out the weeks, Highly recommended if anyone is interested in stratified healthcare and precision medicine.

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