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Leveraging the visualizations you created in the previous course, Visual Analytics with Tableau, you will create dashboards that help you identify the story within your data, and you will discover how to use Storypoints to create a powerful story to leave a lasting impression with your audience. You will balance the goals of your stakeholders with the needs of your end-users, and be able to structure and organize your story for maximum impact. Throughout the course you will apply more advanced functions within Tableau, such as hierarchies, actions and parameters to guide user interactions. For your final project, you will create a compelling narrative to be delivered in a meeting, as a static report, or in an interactive display online....

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2018년 4월 29일

This course completely changed the way I look at data visualization and story telling with data. The skill set that I developed can easily be applied to real life and improve my value as an analysts.


2020년 8월 28일

Really tangible and useful. I have been able to take what I've learned in this specialization so far to create dashboards at work. I'm really pleased with how much I've learned in such a short time!

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