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In this course, you will analyze and apply essential design principles to your Tableau visualizations. This course assumes you understand the tools within Tableau and have some knowledge of the fundamental concepts of data visualization. You will define and examine the similarities and differences of exploratory and explanatory analysis as well as begin to ask the right questions about what’s needed in a visualization. You will assess how data and design work together, including how to choose the appropriate visual representation for your data, and the difference between effective and ineffective visuals. You will apply effective best practice design principles to your data visualizations and be able to illustrate examples of strategic use of contrast to highlight important elements. You will evaluate pre-attentive attributes and why they are important in visualizations. You will exam the importance of using the "right" amount of color and in the right place and be able to apply design principles to de-clutter your data visualization....

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2020년 6월 1일

This course really changed my perspective in how to create visualization not just using Tableau but in every visualization application. I'm very happy I could take it and learned from it.


2021년 4월 6일

Great coverage of chart types and creating them. Step by step instruction with the "why" element helped me understand how to pursue the chart and understand why I would want to use it.

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