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In this project-based course, you will follow your own interests to create a portfolio worthy single-frame viz or multi-frame data story that will be shared on Tableau Public. You will use all the skills taught in this Specialization to complete this project step-by-step, with guidance from your instructors along the way. You will first create a project proposal to identify your goals for the project, including the question you wish to answer or explore with data. You will then find data that will provide the information you are seeking. You will then import that data into Tableau and prepare it for analysis. Next you will create a dashboard that will allow you to explore the data in depth and identify meaningful insights. You will then give structure to your data story by writing the story arc in narrative form. Finally, you will consult your design checklist to craft the final viz or data story in Tableau. This is your opportunity to show the world what you’re capable of - so think big, and have confidence in your skills!...

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2018년 9월 12일

great content ever had on online. I love this course very much because this course helped me to make how to make story with a data. Thank you coursera. Keep it up!.


2019년 6월 12일

This a chance for you to practice a visualization project by Tableau with full flow. Because it is a chance, so let do it as good as possible for your mastering.

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