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Where to start to innovate your teaching? But before that, what does it mean to innovate in the classroom? Designing Learning Innovation aims to put the designing culture at the service of learning innovation, supporting those who do not have a specific pedagogical background and those who wish to learn the basic tools of a good teaching design then to continue exploring the frontiers of innovation. A set of logical and methodological tools to innovate teaching, finding the most suitable approaches with one’s own vision of the teaching-learning experience. INTENDED LEARNING OUTCOMES (ILOs) If you actively participate in this course, at the end you will be able to: Use basic theoretical-methodological tools (such as Constructive Alignment and the Learning Innovation Network) to enhance teaching coherence between learning objectives, assessment methods and learning experiences; apply pedagogical frameworks of the active learning methodology to the design either an individual teaching module or an entire teaching path; evaluate advantages and disadvantages, in the field of your own teachings, of traditional evaluation approaches compared to the new assessment strategies, in particular those oriented to the formative evaluation; apply simple strategies for managing the active class in small, medium and large classrooms; designing and producing quality teaching materials also enhancing the availability of “Open Educational Resources”. THE MOOC-BOOK: MATERIALS AND ACTIVITIES The MOOC is realized in a strongly integrated way with the book “Designing Learning Innovation” published by Pearson (the english version is the translation of the italian one already published and accessible here In the course you will find video lessons and infographic articulated as in the book. You will also encounter different types of activities which will contribute to make your experience richer and more complete....

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2021년 2월 13일

A thourough, well constrcuted and clear course. Thank you!

A plus would be to provide concrete examples of designs, assessements or activities at times.


2021년 7월 8일

This is the best course to polish my teaching skills and aware about innovative teaching techniques.

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