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If I Googled you, what would I find? As we move around the online world we leave tracks and traces of our activity all the time: social media accounts, tagged images, professional presences, scraps of text, but also many artefacts we don't always realise we are leaving behind, or that others leave about us. In this course you will hear from a range of experts and you will have an opportunity to explore and reflect on your own online tracks and traces, to understand why your digital footprint is important. We will introduce you to some of the tools and approaches to effectively manage your online presence (or digital footprint). The course will focus on the different dimensions of a digital footprint, including developing an effective online presence, managing your privacy, creating opportunities for networking, balancing and managing professional and personal presences (eprofessionalism). By the end of this course (MOOC) you should be equipped to ensure that your digital footprint works for you, whether you want to be more private online, or are looking to create a more effective and impactful presence. You can also join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #DFMOOC and follow us @DFMOOC We hope you enjoy the course!...

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2017년 8월 13일

I thoroughly enjoyed this course, my objectives were met and the course creators put a lot of thought into ensuring that various options were available to suit different learning styles. Thank you


2020년 10월 10일

Very informative and useful course to know more about what digital footprint means, what are the pros and cons to look out for, and the ways it can benefit one's career if used properly.

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