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PART 1: Job Design, Selection Criteria, Sourcing and Attracting Talent The first step in a recruitment strategy for developing a diverse and inclusive workforce commences with the decision that a job or role is needed, either an existing or new position. In this course, you will learn that unconscious bias is often most evident in the language of job descriptions, selection criteria, and job advertisements. The words and phrases used when writing these materials can unintentionally make certain groups of people feel excluded from applying. You will learn to detect limiting language and develop resources that attract a diverse and capable candidate pool. This course will also introduce you to alternative applicant sourcing strategies, including online platforms and communities. This course represents 'Part 1' of the two-part Diversity and Inclusion Recruitment Strategy series offered by the University of Western Australia. It is also one of four that comprise the Recruiting for Diversity and Inclusion Specialization. Complete all four courses to gain an in-depth understanding of this fascinating and important topic....
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Diversity and Inclusion: Developing A Strategy의 1개 리뷰 중 1~1

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2022년 9월 21일